About References & More

There is a lot of merit in checking references the right way. Technical skills can be taught but it is the soft skills that bring true value to your company. Learning about your candidate’s work ethic and past performance will help you gather the information that you need to make the right choice and to validate your hiring decision.

By outsourcing your references, you get an objective view. You also save time and the frustration of coordinating telephone interviews.

References & More Services is a boutique organization who work closely with our clients. We tailor our questions to suit the needs of your organization and probe in areas of concern. We are available to discuss any issue with you at any time and will call you with any areas of uncovered red flags. We act as an extension of our clients and treat referees with respect.

At References & More Services we realize that we are working with people. We are flexible and we take a human approach to reference checks.

Benefits of performance based references

Reference checking is the final step in the hiring process. Performance based references gives you valuable information that can help with your hiring decision.

Performance based references begins with a telephone conversation with the candidates past supervisors, subordinates, colleagues, or clients.

Spending time with the reference on the phone and asking the right questions provides insight on your candidate’s achievements, problem solving skills, conflict management skills amongst other soft skills.
It will also uncover poor performers and discrepancies on their resumes.

Technical skills can be taught, hiring someone with the right soft skills and attitude is invaluable.
Hiring the wrong candidate can be a costly mistake.

Don’t skip this step, References & More Services checks references the right way. Know who you are hiring.

For some time now we have used References and More for our candidate background checks. We chose References and More as our provider as we have found their service to be thorough and professional and they go the extra mile to provide timely and insightful information. References and More do not just ‘tick the boxes’, but actually take care to add value to the hiring decision process and as such, they have become an integral part of our hiring process.