I don`t know Julie Payette. I have never met her, and I have never interviewed her. I know and remember her as an astronaut. I am impressed by her accomplishments and if I actually met her, I daresay, that I would be a little star struck.
I believe that was the case with the Trudeau government. They chose to hire her based on her resume and celebrity. They did not hire her in a scientific role, but in a people facing leadership role. In a role that represents Canada. Why did the Prime Minster choose Julie Payette for the G.G role without properly vetting her? Like so many organizations who don`t conduct proper background checks, they say that they have a good feeling about the person, their resume indicates that they have the qualifications for the job, and they interview well.
Had they checked Mme. Payette’s references, they would have learned that she does not do well in a people management role and she creates toxic environments.
Resumes and job interviews are just sales tools. The only way to understand the candidate`s past performance is to verify it with people to whom she or he reported, worked with and managed.
A poor hire on any level is expensive. The cost of Julie Payette to Canada, was the moral of her employees, the cost of the investigation, legal costs and the reputation of the Country. It would have far been less expensive if the vetting had been done upfront.
It is always less expensive, in any company to do a though pre-employment screening, then to hire the wrong candidate. A poor hire can do a lot of damage to the reputation of an organization.

Official ACES Suit Astronaut Portrait for Julie Payette