Not long ago, we conducted a pre-employment package for a candidate for a large corporation. It was for a business development position.

The candidate’s references were positive, he seemed to have a proven track record. His criminal report came back clear. It was time to verify his Bachelor of Commerce, from a well respected university. The report came back that the candidate did not complete his degree. We went back to our client with that information.
The candidate insisted that he had his degree. Mistakes happen, but the onus is on the candidate to prove that he had completed his degree. The candidate provided transcripts.

After sending the transcripts to the university, we learned the candidate used someone else’s student number. It turned out to be his cousin. The candidate and his cousin has the same first and last name, different middle names and different dates of birth. The candidate only successfully completed two courses.
It is important to do the due diligence the right way and know who you are hiring.